I've been asked how I came up with the name of this blog and if there really is a story behind it.  Well, the answer is "Yes". 
It was 1998, and I was living in the northeast.  I was late getting my flower beds tucked-in for the winter.  Since it was November, I decided I'd better get busy before the snow started flying.  So, I bundled up, put on my rose gardening gloves and headed out.  When I arrived at one of the rose beds, there was a single rose blooming!  Here is the photo:

Please note that this photo was taken before I owned a digital camera!

In all honesty, it was practically a miracle that a rose could bloom in the frosty northeast region of the United States in November!  Naturally I picked it and brought it indoors to enjoy.
It's always been a dream of mine to own an antique-treasure-gift shop.  I decided that if I ever did realize that dream, I would name it "November Rose" in honor of the rose that bloomed in November.  Well, I started a blog and decided - in the meantime - my blog would have the name. 
Who knows, maybe someday I'll have that shop.  It will have the name and I'll be able to tell all of my friends about it right here - on November Rose!

Thanks for listening to my story!

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diane tuggle said...

what a wonderful surprise