Thursday, June 26, 2014

Whoooo's Having a Birthday???

Nope, it's not me - it's my daughter!  She loves owls and I found an adorable owl cake at Better Homes and Gardens.  I decided I HAD to make it for her, but there were a few glitches...

As you may remember, we are in "full packing mode" around here and after I bought everything I needed, I remembered that the mixer was packed!  Did I let that stop me?  No way, you CAN mix a cake by hand and that's exactly what I did!
Isn't he a hoot?  Yes, pun intended!

I made a few changes from the original instructions.  The area where the almond slices are was supposed to be yellow frosting and, you guessed it, the food coloring is packed!  I also used Rolos for the eyes.  The instructions suggested malted milk balls, but I thought he needed a little glitz!  Instead of making frosting from scratch, I used canned - packing, you know!

Here's a pic of the Birthday Girl and her cake:
I think she liked it!


Merlesworld said...

That's a pretty good looking cake, did it taste as good as it looks.

Haley D. said...

Happy birthday! That's an awesome cake!

Georgiana said...

What an awesome owl cake. I bet it taste as good as it looks.

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Ann said...

Thanks, Ladies. Everyone enjoyed it - Devil's Food with Chocolate Fudge Frosting...very chocolatey!!