Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Mirror, Mirror...

Welcome Back, Everyone!  The packing is in full-swing now that school is out (see here for the moving info) and I am retired.  Retired...hasn't really hit me yet.  I think it will when August comes around and I'm NOT getting ready for a new school year!  Stay tuned for that post!

I wanted to share this beautiful mirror make-over with all of you before it gets packed in its box!  I found this beauty at an Estate Sale for $20.  I really didn't like the finish, but knew I could easily change that!
I fell in love with the details on it, though!

This was the easiest transformation ever...add one can of spray paint...and get this:
Here's another angle:
All ready to be boxed-up for the big move!

Amazing what a can of spray paint can do, isn't it?  I'm sure this wil be one of many transformations once we are moved.  

Be sure to stop by again soon.  I still have a thing or two saved for this transition time..aka, moving across the country!  
Have a fabulous week!


Joanne said...

Hi Ann! Thanx for stopping by my blog, yes it has been a while. WOW! Your mirror was quite a find, it looks amazing! I can see why you fell in love with the details, it's lovely! Super job. Hope you are well too. Hugs, Joanne

Ann said...

Thanks, Joanne! Great to hear from you!!!

Georgiana said...

Fabulous makeover. Well, if you ever get bored in August just let me know. You can help me plan a few lessons or units! : )

Ann said...

Thanks, Georgiana! Let me know what you need - I'm always happy to help!

Kathryn Ferguson Griffin said...

Great mirror and great makeover! Thank you for sharing. You are one of the features today at The Round-Up from the Before and After Wednesday party at The Dedicated House. Pop on over and check out your feature. Hope to see you tonight for Before and After Wednesday! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse