Friday, June 14, 2013

Book #2: Where the Heart Is

If you're looking for a "light, summer read" this is the book for you.  It's about a pregnant 17-year old girl who is abandoned by her boyfriend at a Walmart during a cross-country trip.  (I know, it sounds hokey, right?) She is left to her own devices to find her way in the world and along the way she meets some wonderful people who become her friends.
Although much of the plot is predictable, it tells the story of a young girl learning many lessons as she grows from a teenage girl into a young woman.  It also brings meaning to the quote, "Friends are the Family You Choose".  

I enjoyed the book, and I think you will too. No big mysteries or plot twists, just a nice story.  Grab a copy and take it to the beach!

Now, you may be wondering how I've managed to polish-off 2 books in a week.  After all, I only published my Summer Bucket List a week ago today. Welllllll, do you remember the part of the list that said 'lose 10 pounds'?  I decided to start a Cardio program on Monday.  My knee didn't like it.  I've been spending quite a bit of time sitting in the recliner icing and elevating.  Getting old is not for wimps!  

I'll keep you posted... ;)


Ms. Craftsalot said...

I haven't read the book, but did you know that they made it into a movie? It's one of my favorites! I did find the book in a thrift store a couple of years ago, I just haven't sat down and read it yet. Now that you've read the book, maybe you'll like the movie. It stars Natalie Portman. Thanks for sharing and heal quickly!

Ann said...

When I finished the book, I discovered that it had been made into a movie. I DO want to see it now!
You read the book, I'll see the movie and we'll compare notes. ;)
The knee is getting better - trying to baby it!!!
Thanks for visiting!