Thursday, December 27, 2012

So, the Moral of the Story Is...

... Do Not Go Out for Dinner Right Before Christmas!!!

Sounds a little crazy right?  Well, for those of you who know me...there's a story.

Sunday night, my girlfriend and I got together.  We hadn't seen each other in a while and we needed to "catch up".  We went to a place where we usually go and I ordered what I usually order - French Onion Soup and an Asian Chopped Salad.  I've been eating this dinner there for YEARS!!!!.  We did a little shopping after dinner and had a great time.  After I went home, I realized that dinner seemed to be "sitting a little heavy" in my stomach, but I ignored it and went to bed around 11:30. 

At 2:00 in the morning dinner was no longer "sitting", if you know what I mean.  I was sooo violently ill, I couldn't even lay in bed.  I went downstairs so I wouldn't disturb my husband and prayed for this to be over.  Let's skip ahead to that afternoon (you really don't need the gory details of the morning).  I was finally able to drink liquids.  Gatorade (mixed with water) was my friend.  I proceeded to eat 2 crackers and a few spoonfuls of chicken broth. Not what I had planned for Christmas Eve Dinner.  

This was the first Christmas Eve EVER that I didn't make my traditional dinner.  My poor family.  

Fortunately, on Christmas Day I was feeling better.  I was dehydrated and had a headache, but I was able to have the kids over and celebrate the holiday.  My wonderful husband did the cooking and we had a great day.  

Yesterday, I was exhausted, so I just spent the day on the sofa with my laptop.  Today, I almost feel like a real person! 

Now, there is a positive side to this story:  I lost 2 pounds!  How many people can say THAT at Christmas Time?????? 

So, Merry Christmas, Everyone!  I hope you had a fabulous day.  Wishing you all peace and love this holiday season and in the new year!

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