Wednesday, November 7, 2012

For All the Teachers

Welcome to my very first post for our new blog:  Pins To Creations.  I decided to create this post for all of my teacher friends.  Everyone knows that teachers are constantly trying to find new ideas for their classrooms that don't cost a lot of money.  Well, here is one that I found that is also a great way to recycle:  

The Perfect Way to Practice Spelling/Sight Words
I collected soda bottle caps and wrote the letters of the alphabet on them.  I made 5 complete sets.  One way to use this idea is to have students look at the picture and try to spell the word.

When they are done spelling, they turn over the card and check for accuracy.  You can adapt this for any list of words you are currently using in your classroom.  

I keep the bottle caps in plastic zip bags.  I put all of the vowels in a separate bag to make it easier to find them.  You can organize the caps according to the needs of your students.  This idea was originally found

This makes a fabulous Word Work Literacy Station.  

So, teacher friends, start saving those bottle caps.  The best part?  If the caps get lost, it's very easy to replace them!  

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