Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Tiskit, A Taskit - It's a Paper Basket!

I'm a huge fan of Pinterest and I found this adorable basket awhile back and pinned it.  It was time to create one of my own!
Here's mine:
It started out as a 12 X 12 pice of buttercup cardstock.  I sponged all of the edges with Creme Brulee ink, added a handle, some Easter grass, and Peeps!  Just so you know, the bunnies are Chocolate Mousse Peeps!  Who knew???!!!

The original basket was much smaller and had two handles.
 Pinned Image

 I found the directions here
You know you want to make one!  So, off you go to your crafting space, but, be sure to come back and tell me about your version of this adorable basket!
Thanks for stopping by!

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Becky B. said...

Oh, Ann!! This is just waaaaay tooooo cuuuute!! Thanks for sharing the link with the directions! How are you feeling?