Saturday, January 21, 2012

Baker's Twine

Now, I know that Baker's Twine has been around for awhile (and it will be in the new Close To My Heart® Idea Book), but I decided to do something a little different with it - make it into a heart!  After all, Valentine's Day will be here before we know it!
Let's get started!

Because glue get messy, I did all of this work on wax paper.  The glue that I used was good ol' Elmer's White Glue - that's right, nothing fancy, and chances are, you already have it in the house!
Start by putting some glue on your finger and running it along the Baker's Twine:

Form the twine into a heart shape:

Continue running glue along the twine and wrapping the shape with another row of twine:

Trim the "tail" from the heart and continue wrapping until you have the desired amount of rows:

Cut the end of the Baker's Twine and tuck it into the heart shape.  Allow your heart to dry on the wax paper.  When it's dry, peel it off and it is ready to use on your project!

Pretty simple, huh? 
Now, go give it a try.  I'd love to see what you do with it, so be sure to let me know!
 And don't forget to stop back again to see the project that I use it on!


Georgiana said...

Neat idea. Can't wait to see it on a project now.

Carson's Creations

Brenda Frerichs said...

This is why I come to your blog. You inspire me. You truly inspire me...and I thank you. :-)

CraftyGirl said...

This is darling! I can see using these on all kinds of layouts!! Thanks for showing us how to make them!

barb :)