Monday, May 30, 2011

Hungry Hummingbirds

Yesterday was extremely windy is Vegas.  The poor little hummingbirds couldn't get to the feeder since it was swinging wildly and they kept getting pushed back by the wind.  Needless to say, they were pretty hungry today.  When I went out to get the feeder, they were buzzing all around me.  Here's what happened when I went out with the newly refilled feeder:
This little one was so hungry he decide to eat while the feeder was still in my hand.

Here's a close-up:
Isn't he/she cute?  I just love my little birds!

This little lizard decided to come out for some sun too!  I'm amazed he let me get close enough for a photo!
Of course, he HAD to sit right next to the bird poop!  I guess lizards aren't very particular!!!!


Sally said...

What lovely pictures, aren't you lucky to see humming birds so close. I do envy you.
Sally x

Becky B. said...

TOO CUTE!! It cracks me up that your hummingbirds will feed while the feeder is still in your hand. :)