Friday, April 8, 2011

Party Like A Rock Star?

Maybe is should be:  "Dress Like A Rock Star".  That was how we ended Reading Week!
Yes, that's me!  Some of our students didn't recognize me when I came out for Opening Ceremonies. 

Then there was Literacy Night with a theme of "A Jammin' Evening" 

Yes, only teachers would wear PJs to work! 
All in all, it was a fun week.  The kids read over 100,000 pages, played Book BINGO everyday, decorated their classroom doors, and more.  Most importantly, they had fun while reading.
Me?  I'm exhausted and my feet hurt.  But that's OK -  the kids and their parents told me how much fun they had all week!  It makes it all worthwhile!
Now, I'm going to put my feet up!


Becky B. said...

HA! HA! Nice wig, Ann! Looks like you had a super fun literacy week!! Enjoy your weekend and get some've definitely earned it! :)

Diana said...

LOL!! Ann you look Fantabulous.!!!
Love the Rock Star.