Saturday, March 12, 2011

Stamp Storage

After viewing some of the things I've created, a friend said to me, "You must have a boatload of stamps!"  Um, well, uh, YES, I do!!!!
No, I have not counted them, and I have absolutely NO intention of counting them!  It's part of that whole denial thing - you know what I mean, don't you?  But, I thought I'd show you how I store them, since storage is always an issue for hoarders, I mean, crafters!!!

I had some smaller boxes, but was running out of room.  So, off I went to Michael's where I found this:
This box measures 16" X 14" X 7".
I bought two!

As you can see, it holds a lot of stamps!  I also was able to fit the My Acrylix® Organizer from Close To My Heart® in the box.  

I turned the stamp sheet around in the clear envelope so I could see the name of the stampset (Click on the picture and look in the upper right corner) and the stamps at the same time.  It just makes it easier for me to find what I'm looking for.

I don't store my stamps in clear containers anymore because this is what happened to the sleeves/inserts:
I don't like fading!

If you're having storage issues, maybe this solution will work for you. 
Enjoy the rest of the weekend and thanks for stopping by!

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Becky B. said...

Excellent idea! Love the cute boxes that you found at Michaels...I keep my stamps stored in baskets that fit on a baker's rack - and I have NO IDEA how many stamps that I have either - ha! ha! :) Is denial such a bad thing?!?!?