Thursday, February 3, 2011

Valentine's Day Countdown - Day 4

A Bottle of M & M's
Yes this started out as a yummy coffee drink - or so I was told (I'm a tea drinker)!  After removing the labels, adding lace, stamped cardstock, hearts, ribbon, and, of course, M  & M's, you have a gift for a chocolate lover!

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Paige Dolecki said...

Cute! I'd take the chocolate over the coffee anyways! I need a friend who buys these jars so I can use them for crafting - LOL!


Suz said...

Well, ya gotta have the M & M's!! Great recycling idea, too.

Brandy Lees said...

Now that looks like my kind of crafting, chocolate & a whole lot of of fun in a bottle :)

Closet Stamper said...

Cute idea. Can't go wrong with M&Ms

Becky B. said...

GREAT IDEA!! You've got my mental wheels turning again - you're so crafty!