Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Everyone Loves Cupcakes!

Especially cupcakes made from warm, fuzzy socks! 
You will need:  a pair of fuzzy socks, a rubber band, cardstock, stamps to decorate the cardstock, paper crimper, strong adhesive. 
1.  Lay the socks one on top of the other.  Starting at the toe, roll up the socks.  Wrap a rubber band around the socks and "fuss" with the layers to get that "cupcake look". 
2.  To create the liner, I "eyed" the shape and drew it on cardstock. It's really just a curved rectangle! Then I stamped the holly and berries, and ran it through the paper crimper to give it that authentic look!
3.  Wrap the liner around the rolled socks and use your adhesive to close it up. 
4.  Add a pom-pom to the top and you have one fuzzy sock cupcake!

Put it in a cellophane bag and it's a terrific stocking stuffer or Secret Santa gift!
I found this idea at green bean crafterole and I just had to share it with all of you!  Now head out to buy all the fuzzy socks you can find and get busy!!!


Becky B. said...

This is just AWESOME!!! I LOVE it and will definitely be making some of these for gifts!!! Thanks for sharing!

Crie Artezzanato said...

Nice idea!!