Sunday, July 18, 2010

Moved & Unpacked!

Well it's Sunday night and it has been an eventful few weeks.  We are moved and just about everything is unpacked.  I even managed to squeeze in a haircut and a few garage sales.  Unfortunately, the battery in my camera died , so I can't show you anything!  So, until the new battery that I ordered on-line arrives, here are the updates:

  • I cut my hair - short!  My hairdresser had a ball with it!
  • I found an old Royal typewriter at a garage sale.  Years ago I passed one up at a garage sale and I always regretted it!
  • I also found a great mirror.  I'm planning to change it's look, but it will be great!
  • I've collected 2 golf balls in the back yard - did I mention that we are on a golf course?  I'm a little worried about some of the golfer's abilities!!!!
Stay tuned.  The battery should be here soon and I'l have lots more to share.
Have a great week!

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