Saturday, July 31, 2010

Friday and the Painter

I went to work on Friday fully prepared for a full day.  You see, I had to check-in the Literacy materials of the classroom teachers.  Next week is our last week of school.  When I opened my office door, I discovered that the painter had been working the night before.  He had removed everything from the walls and placed the items on my desk, my table, my bookcases - you get the picture!  In addition, the bookcases were moved out from the walls.  Needless to say, the room was a mess!

I decided that this was a subtle hint to vacate the office.  I was planning to move to my new office next week after all of the "Check-In" was complete. but I feared what would happen next!  One of our aides had some extra time and she helped me, or should I say, did most of the work! I owe Michelle lunch!   Every time I got started, a new batch of teachers had their prep time and were at the Literacy Room (which was moved last week) ready to check-in their materials.  Now, it truly was NOT their fault, since I scheduled the day and time for them, but it made moving quite difficult.

We managed to get about half of the office moved.  All but two teachers have seen me to check-in their materials, and now I need to make a list of what items are missing and need to be replaced.  I'm really glad Friday is over.

I think I'll finish everything on Monday.  Or, move to Australia!!!

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