Sunday, April 25, 2010

How Do I Explain This?

 We have the most wonderful Librarian at our school.  Not only are his skills as a Librarian second to none, but he is witty, and has the BEST sense of humor!  He finds these amazing pictures and quotes as response to various posts on our school's electronic bulletin boards.  Topics range from meeting minutes, dates that things are due, to "Who burned the popcorn?"

Ryan also has a lot of fun with my last name, and since I post a lot on Literacy, he has plenty of opportunities to respond to my posts.  Below is one of the all-time favorites!  What the picture doesn't show is that it is actually a t-shirt!  He presented this to me at our faculty meeting on Friday.  I don't know where he finds this stuff!

Ryan, you are the best!  I love the shirt!  And, I hope you never stop entertaining us!

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Helen Onulak said...

That's too funny! My son made shirts at college. He had a silk-screen printing class. They now make silk-screening kits for home. I think they are made by Yudu. Thanks for sharing!