Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sam Elliott?

OK, not really, but you must admit he looks a lot like him!  It's Reading Week at my school and this is Sid Hausman.  He is an illustrator, author, and song writer.  He visited our school today and our kids loved him!  Not only does he write and illustrate his books, he also sets them to music.  Check him out:  http://www.sidhausman.com/index.php#  If you are an educator looking for a high-quality program, I highly recommend him for a performance at your school!
Since it's Reading Week, I'll be posting more often.  Stay tuned!  There's never a dull moment during Reading Week!


Vegas Linda Lou said...

Any guy that plays the banjo is all right with me! (Except maybe the scary dude in Deliverance.)

Ann said...

You KNOW how I feel about musicians! ;)

No comment about Oscar?? He's so controversial - but I did it for the kids!!!