Sunday, January 10, 2010

Re: Valentine House

Since I can't figure out how to edit the post without losing the slideshow, I'm just adding a new post. Did I mention that I'm "technologically challenged"???
My inspiration for this project came from
The site had a little house with sheet music, lots of lace, pink, and glitter. I thought it was beautiful. So, I remembered that we had the Around the Block stamp set. Did I mention that I'm a Close To My Heart consultant? But, I digress!!
I purchased the house from saveoncrafts. When it arrived, I went to town with stamps, inks, paper, some paint, chunky glitter, and ribbon. One thing that the photos don't show is the fact that the roof comes off, so you can stash goodies inside.
I really enjoyed this project. Can't you picture these for different holidays? Bunnies and eggs for Easter, spiders and ghosts for Halloween, and don't get me started on the possibilities for Christmas!
You may be seeing more of these!

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