Monday, December 28, 2009

Bargain Alert!

I'm sure I mentioned that I LOVE to shop! Well, I ventured out today to see what the sales were like. I ended up getting some new jeans, some holiday towels, etc, but the best place was Michaels! Their $1 bins were marked 60% off. The lady standing next to me asked if that could be right. Let me tell you - it was!
Great goodies for 40 cents each! Can you beat that? I think I need to go back for more! Let's face it, when it comes to shopping, it's the "Thrill of the Chase" aka "The Best Deals"!! Sorry I can't tell you what I got - they are being carefully tucked away for next Christmas. The stockings will be well stuffed!

And, yes, I will be able to find the goodies after they've been tucked away. I've been doing this for years!

Anybody else find great deals that we need to know about???

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